dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Because I know

Sometimes you know things you dont wanna know.
Things you discover, things people rather not talk about.

I know it all, i see it all.
How people destroy eachother.
I hate it, it breaks me up.

Why am I the one falling apart?
This isn't even my shit...so why do I feel like this?
I just wanna cry!

I just hate to see everyone fight!

woensdag 24 augustus 2011


I don't have a place to call home anymore.

This house, it's just not my home anymore.
It's cold, it's boring, i just don't want to be there anymore.
My soul screams, you don't belong here.

I just want to leave, and never come back.

maandag 22 augustus 2011


Are you an believer?

I'm stuck inside my head.
Lost I believe.

I just don't know why?
It's so double, misstimed, stupid.
I lie, to everyone even to myself.

I'm to scared to ask myself what I really want.
Cause if I do I might do the wrong thinks.
I could explode, start world war 3.
If I start to think it can only get worse.

Love is killing me...
Now I finaly understand what they mean.


I'm in the heaven of love.
Clouds take my clear thoughts away.

Make it believe, make it true.

I hate it when I always get what I want if it's about love!

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011


My life will never be easy, that's what she said.
I believe her, there will always be people who hate me.
People who are not believers.

And than this boy, still can't believe i fell for him.
Still upset he might be the one. I'm confused.
Upset and feeling alone, cause no one to share.
Cause no one will understand or accept it.
If i do this, i rather kill myself than do it.
Cause if i do it, it would be social suaside.

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

Hit it

Yesterday I was hitting on the guy I secretly cruch on.
He's awesome, he's just soooooo cute. Can't believe I never saw it before.
I've known him for like 2 years and I've never thought of it. Never looked at him that way. And now I have these imposible feeling.

I'm really bad at ignoring feelings.

donderdag 11 augustus 2011


It's the first thing you think in de morning, and fuck off doesn't count as a thought.

I feel kind of wierd today, unsave you can call it. Paranoid if you don't believe me. There is just something in the air and it's not random stupidness like every day. There is something going on ,a movement.

Have I already told I'm going on a holiday, fun right?
Trust me it is what you call fun.



I'm not a hater, just not that kind of girl.
But that women brings up the worst in me.
Todat I saw her for the first time in real life, she's so arogant so confedent. It made me wanna slam her in the face and just yell at her: WTF do you think your doing here bitch, get out of my town.

I just don't want her here! She needs to leave...

Fun part: I got into a moddeling contest, exiting right?

woensdag 10 augustus 2011


Just found out i've always been into fashion!


You rather give me all your dreams, than love me!

I never had an hero, never been one.
If i had an hero it would be someone like taylor momsen, just because she was so cute as jenny in gossip girl and so rockbitch in real life. Also because i love her music and because it's just gay.


The begin

This is going to be my mobile blog, the one where I post my thought my ideas.
So this is me, I'm 18 living in a world where nobody seen to understand who I am.
I got friends, lot's of them. There just not understanding what i'm searching for in life.
My parents, they don't care. They are way to busy living their life.
And I'm just another screwed up kid. Welcome to my life.