maandag 19 maart 2012


Fashion isn't about trends, it's about making the woman who wears the clothes feel great.
Fashionista's aren't fashionexperts.
They just dare to feel confortable in whatever they ware.
Today I look fab, and that sceares me.
People looking at me.
I'm sceared they think I'm a wierdo.
While I think I look soo sex in the city.

Spring finally found our little country.
And for the first time I can't find anyone more perfect than my own boyfriend.
Not one of them can tip on him
Could this be it?
Is this how real love feels?
I think it is, cause I can't imagen it better than this.

And than there is an new angel in my life.
Her name is haley and the moment I'm writing this she's 2 days old.
She's a miracle, a little wonder.
I could never understand how people didn't think baby's were little aliens.
But the moment I saw her, hold her.
I just fell in love.

Not that I want a baby in like the next 10 years.
Sorry I'm way to egoistic to have a baby right now.
I acctualy like having a life.


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